Diane Barber is an Independent Curator with more than 20 years of experience in the Visual Arts. Projects include major exhibitions with an international roster of artists presented in arts organizations, galleries, universities, schools, and

other public spaces and institutions.

Most recently, Barber served as Director of the East End Foundation, the organizing force behind the East End Cultural District, a state-designated creative hub in Houston's East End.

Prior to that, Barber served as Co-Director/Visual Arts Curator of DiverseWorks ArtSpace (Houston, TX). During her 14-year tenure, Barber curated more than 65 exhibitions for DiverseWorks giving particular emphasis to commissioning new works and site-specific installations and to developing programs with charged cultural and political undertones.

Barber also previously served as Exhibitions & Publications Coordinator for FotoFest International, the largest photography biennial in the United States. Professional affiliations include the Warhol Initiative, NPN’s Visual Arts Network, the NAMAC 2009 Leadership Institute, the Advisory Board of FotoFest, the Board of Directors of the Friends of Women’s Studies at the University of Houston, and ArtTable. She is past board president of the National Association of Artist Organizations and former Chairman of the Houston Coalition for the Visual Arts. Barber is also a founding board member of the Independent Arts Collaborative, a Houston-based organization responsible for the creation of MATCH a multi-tenant arts complex in Houston’s urban core.

Curatorial Work




Variations in Color

Trouble the Water

Eclectic Momentum

Heirophany and Pereidolia





Dog Park

8.046 km.

No Justification Required

One Big Misunderstanding


CRASH: Scott Teplin

My Life as a Doll

State Fair

The North Wind & the Sun

Patricia Hernandez: Parody of Light


Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Before (During) After

Under-Standing Water

Allison Hunter: Zoosphere


Tierney Malone: Third Ward is My Harlem


New Art in Austin: 20 to Watch



Understanding Poverty

David McGee: Tetelestai

Stephen Vitiello: Four Color Sound

Kara Hearn: A Problem of Courage

Breaking Earth

Zoe Crosher: 1 Yr Later

Flicker Fusion

Augustina Nunez: Little Polymorphous


Davendra Banhart: Some Drawings

Claude Wampler: Performance (career ender) & Rehearsed Reverse

This Old House

David McGee: El Sonador Elegante

Expansive Link

Julie Green: The Last Supper

Money, Baby!

Michael Jones McKean: The Possibility of Men and the River Shallows


Border Film Project

Dan Havel: House Divided

Sasha Dela & Charles Beronio: Blackout

Erika Harrsch: Eros Thanotos

David Brown: Urban Cathedral

Alfredo Jaar: The Sound of Silence

Marina Zurkow: Nicking the Never

Noel Waggoner: Holy Ghost


Scatter Boats

New Texas Painting

Tom Burkhardt: Full Stop

Chris Sauter: Museum

Lester Julian Merriweather: Chopped & Screwed

Money, Baby!

Thought Crimes: The Art of Subversion

Zane Lewis - Pink Lemonade: The Procession

Contemporary Erotic Drawing


Le Dernier Cri: Comix Revolution

Erika Blumenfeld: Insconstant Moon

2004 - America & The Globe

Carrie Moyer: Sister Resister

Texas Prime

PG-13/Male Adolescent Identity in the Age of Video Culture

Lori Nix: The Banality of Terror

Stable(Stupidity Project Part 10)


Paper Sculpture Show

Andy Coolquitt: Trim

In Houston - Zhang Huan, Zhang Jiu-Jun, Weihong

Harrell Fletcher: The Sound We Make Together

600 Square Miles in 600 Square Feet

William Pope.L: eRacism

Scott Teplin: Lubricious


Maria Elena Gonzalez: UN Real Estates

Straight to Hell: 10 Years of Dyke Action Machine

Paul Henry Ramirez: Elevatious Transcendsualistic

Tracie Brownlee: Channeling


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Concept and vision consulting to arts organizations, institutions, and galleries

Curatorial services and administration of exhibitions, site-specific projects and special commissions

Manage loans between artists, institutions, galleries, and private lenders

Write essays, articles, and didactic material related to creative projects

Oversee project-based marketing efforts including web content and external communications

Develop written content for use in fundraising initiatives and grant proposals

Coordinate event and education program development including lectures, artist talks, workshops, etc.

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Curatorial & Creative Services + Generally Visionary Thinking

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